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Graham Stoney's mechanized man page generator.
Please do not use c2man -- it is unmaintained upstream now, and only
exists because other packages depend on it. Doxygen does a far better
C2man is an automatic documentation tool that extracts comments from C
source code to generate functional interface documentation in the same
format as sections 2 & 3 of the Unix Programmer's Manual. It requires
minimal effort from the programmer by looking for comments in the
usual places near the objects they document, rather than imposing a
rigid function-comment syntax or requiring that the programmer learn
and use a typesetting language. Acceptable documentation can often be
generated from existing code with no modifications.
conformance: supports both K&R and ISO/ANSI C coding styles -- but it
has problems with variable names of type __somename.
* generates output in nroff -man, TeXinfo, LaTeX or
HTML format
* handles comments as part of the language grammar
* automagically documents enum parameter & return
* handles C (/* */) and C++ (//) style comments
* doesn't handle C++ grammar (yet)
* doxygen does this job better
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