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/* $Id: c2man.h,v 1996/03/21 08:23:27 greyham Exp $
 * Definitions for C language manual page generator
#ifndef _C2MAN_H
#define _C2MAN_H

#include "config.h"
#include "symbol.h"

#ifdef I_SYS_TYPES
#include <sys/types.h>

#ifdef I_STDLIB
#include <stdlib.h>

#ifdef I_STRING
#include <string.h>
#include <strings.h>

#include <stdio.h>

#ifdef I_UNISTD
#include <unistd.h>

#ifdef I_STDDEF
#include <stddef.h>

#ifdef I_TIME
#include <time.h>
#ifdef I_SYS_TIME
#include <sys/time.h>

#ifdef NeXT
#include <libc.h>
#undef ECHO /* lex generates ECHO */

#include </usr/local/debug_include/malloc.h>

#include "confmagic.h"

/* number of spaces in a tab */
#define NUM_TAB_SPACES 4

/* maximum include file nesting */
#define MAX_INC_DEPTH 15

/* maximum number of include directories */
#define MAX_INC_DIR 15

/* maximum number of characters in a text buffer */
#define MAX_TEXT_LENGTH 256

/* Boolean type */
typedef int boolean;
#ifndef TRUE
#define FALSE     0
#define TRUE      1

/* NULL char *, useful for passing NULL to functions wanting a char * */
#define NULLCP    ((char *)0)

/* This is a list of function parameters. */
typedef struct _parameter_list {
    struct _parameter   *first;     /* pointer to first parameter in list */
    struct _parameter   *last;  /* pointer to last parameter in list */  
} ParameterList;

/* Declaration specifier flags */
#define DS_NONE   0     /* default */
#define DS_EXTERN 1     /* contains "extern" specifier */
#define DS_STATIC 2     /* contains "static" specifier */
#define DS_CHAR   4     /* contains "char" type specifier */
#define DS_SHORT  8     /* contains "short" type specifier */
#define DS_FLOAT  16    /* contains "float" type specifier */
#define DS_JUNK   32    /* we're not interested in this declaration */
#define DS_INLINE 64    /* makes static look interesting */

/* This structure stores information about a declaration specifier. */
typedef struct _decl_spec {
    unsigned short      flags;      /* flags defined above */
    char          *text;      /* source text */
    struct _enumerator_list *enum_list;   /* associated enum (if any) */
} DeclSpec;

/* Styles of declaration/definition */
typedef enum {
    DECL_SIMPLE,  /* simple declaration */
    DECL_COMPOUND,      /* compound declaration */
    DECL_FUNCTION,      /* function declaration (prototype) */
    DECL_FUNCDEF  /* an actual function definition */
} DeclType;

/* This structure stores information about a declarator. */
typedef struct _declarator {
    char          *name;            /* name of variable or function */
    char          *text;            /* source text */
    DeclType            type;       /* style of function declaration */
    ParameterList params;           /* function parameters */
    char          *comment;   /* description of param or variable */
    char          *retcomment;      /* description of return value */
    struct _declarator  *head;            /* head function declarator */
    struct _declarator  *func_stack;      /* stack of function declarators */
    struct _declarator  *next;            /* next declarator in list */
} Declarator;

/* This is a list of declarators. */
typedef struct _declarator_list {
    Declarator          *first;     /* pointer to first declarator in list */
    Declarator          *last;  /* pointer to last declarator in list */  
} DeclaratorList;

/* This structure stores information about a declaration. */
typedef struct _declaration {
    DeclSpec            decl_spec;
    DeclaratorList      decl_list;
} Declaration;

/* this structure store information about an enumerator */
typedef struct _enumerator {
    char *name;               /* name of enum entry */
    char *comment;            /* description of entry */
    char *group_comment;      /* general descr. for next few enums in list */
    struct _enumerator *next; /* next enumerator in list */
} Enumerator;

/* This is a list of enumerators. */
typedef struct _enumerator_list {
    Enumerator          *first;     /* pointer to first enumerator in list */
    Enumerator          *last;  /* pointer to last enumerator in list */
    struct _enumerator_list *next;  /* next list in a list-of-lists */
} EnumeratorList;

/* This structure stores information about a function parameter. */
typedef struct _parameter {
    DeclSpec            decl_spec;
    Declarator          *declarator;
    boolean       suppress;   /* don't print in grouped page */
    boolean       duplicate;  /* mention fn in grouped page */
    struct _parameter   *next;            /* next parameter in list */
} Parameter;

/* this is an identifier, with surrounding comments (if any) */
typedef struct _identifier {
    char *name;
    char *comment_before, *comment_after;
} Identifier;

/* parser stack entry type */
typedef union {
    char          *text;
    DeclSpec            decl_spec;
    Parameter           parameter;
    ParameterList param_list;
    Declarator          *declarator;
    DeclaratorList      decl_list;
    Declaration         declaration;
    Enumerator          enumerator;
    EnumeratorList      *enum_list;
    Identifier          identifier;
    boolean       boolean;
} yystype;

/* include files specified by user */
typedef struct _includefile
    char *name;
    struct _includefile *next;
} IncludeFile;

/* output object types */
enum Output_Object
#if 0 /* C++ stuff */

struct Output_Object_Info
    char flag;          /* -O flag used to set it */
    char *name;         /* descriptive name for usage() */
    char *extension;    /* file extension */
    char *subdir; /* subdirectory */

/* list of sections to exclude */
typedef struct ExcludeSection
  char *name;
  struct ExcludeSection *next;
} ExcludeSection;

#define YYSTYPE yystype

/* Program options */
extern boolean static_out;
extern boolean variables_out;
extern boolean promote_param;
extern boolean look_at_body_start;
extern boolean body_start_only;
extern const char *decl_spec_prefix, *declarator_prefix, *declarator_suffix;
extern const char *first_param_prefix, *middle_param_prefix, *last_param_suffix;
extern int num_inc_dir;
extern const char *inc_dir[];
extern char *manual_name;
extern const char *progname;
extern char *header_prefix;
extern IncludeFile *first_include;
extern ExcludeSection *first_excluded_section;

extern boolean fixup_comments;

extern char *group_terse;
extern boolean group_together;
extern boolean terse_specified;
extern boolean always_document_params;

extern char *output_dir;

/* Global declarations */
extern int line_num;
extern const char *basefile;
extern Time_t basetime;
extern boolean inbasefile;
extern boolean header_file;
extern SymbolTable *typedef_names;
extern void output_error();
extern void parse_file _((const char *start_file));
extern int errors;
extern const char *manual_section;
extern boolean use_input_name;
extern boolean make_embeddable;
extern struct Output_Object_Info output_object[_OBJECT_NUM];

/* Output a string to standard output. */
#define put_string(s)   fputs(s, stdout)

/* a malloc that handles errors, and a free that handles NULL */
#ifndef DBMALLOC
void *safe_malloc _((size_t size));
/* use macro so dbmalloc tells us where safe_malloc is called from */
#define safe_malloc(s)  malloc(s)
#define safe_free(p)    do { if (p) free(p); p = NULL; } while(0)

void outmem();
void print_includes _((FILE *f));/* write #include lines */

void yyerror _V((const char *fmt, ...));

char *strduplicate _((const char *s));
int strncmpi _((const char *s1, const char *s2, size_t n));
char *strtoupper _((char *s));

void my_perror _((const char *action, const char *filename));

char *alloc_string _((const char *start, const char *end));


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